How do I set up a new merchant?
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Friday, September 18, 2015
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The merchants section of ecommerce is where you can set up methods to accept payment. We have several merchant options for both online and offline payments. 

Mouse over payment and click merchants. Then click new merchant. Choose from one of the credit card processing companies or offline payment.

Depending on the merchant type you select, you will be prompted to enter in merchant identification information from your provider that will connect to your merchant gateway. You can also sign up for and connect to Stripe and iTransact directly through the ecommerce control panel.

Next, select what areas of your ecommerce you would like for the payment method to be available for. You can use different merchants for store, point of sale, and invoicing (if you have these products).

From there, you will see that you have the option to add special instructions and a custom thank you message.

The last step prior to creating your payment method (in this example we are adding a new credit card processor as a merchant option), is to select what credit cards you wish to accept. You will want to check with your merchant provider first to see if different credit cards will be charged an additional transaction fee when accepting them as a form of payment. 

When you have configured your settings for your payment method, click the add merchant button and you will see a confirmation message that your payment option has been successfully added. You can set up as many payment methods as you'd like your clients to choose from.

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