How do I add conditional form fields to my custom form?
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Monday, October 19, 2015
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Your client relationship builder gives you the ability to allow your client to select from choices you create. You can also use this to create conditional form fields which when selected would give your client another field to select. For example, if a client chooses a date as one of your choices, you can require that a form field appears that will also ask them to select a time slot.

To begin creating a choice field for your custom form, click on the form icon at the top of your control panel and choose form editor.

Select your form name you wish to add choices to.

The conditional fields can be set up using either radio select, checkbox or the drop down menu field.

Choose the option for radio select (or checkbox or drop down menu) under the add standard field area and drag this to your desired location in your form.

Choose the pencil icon next to your selected form field and choose the option for advanced.

Here you will see the choices you have added for your field. Click on your choice to edit the conditional field.

You have the ability to update the title of your selection and update the quantity for this choice. You can leave the field blank if you wish to have unlimited quantities.

You can select the conditional fields below from the drop down menu.

You can add multiple fields here by clicking add field in between each choice.

You will need to click save changes to update your selection.

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