How do I create a new campaign?
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Tuesday, September 20, 2016
By PhotoBiz Knowledge Base
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Creating a new campaign with the Marketing tool is simple and easy! Just a few clicks and tweaks and you'll be ready to go! Follow the steps below to learn more:

Click on MARKETING, then click on CAMPAIGN BUILDER.

Click on the appropriate category for the campaign you're creating, then click on NEW.

Choose the template you'd like to use and click on SELECT.

After you've selected your template, you can tweak it to fit your preferences. You can either edit the existing images/text by clicking on the text or clicking on the pencil-and-paper icon, or you can add additional elements to the page by clicking or dragging items onto the builder.

The different items you can add to your builder are:

  • TITLE: Adds Title bar in a larger text with an accent color background
  • EDITOR: Add a Text Editor box to your builder where you can add and format text
  • IMAGE: Allows you to add an image to your campaign. Recommended size is 3000x1730 pixels. Minimum size is 800 pixels wide.
  • SOCIAL: Adds social media icons that you can set up to link to your social media accounts.
  • LOGO: Allows you to upload your logo to the campaign
  • DIVIDER: Adds padding between two other items on your campaign. 
  • BUTTON: Creates a clickable button. You enter the text you want on the button and add the link by clicking on the pencil and paper icon and selecting advanced

In addition to adding these items to your campaign, you can also control the design of the campaign as well, down to the style of the buttons, social media icons, and border as well as the colors.
Click here to learn more about customizing your campaign's design.

After you've added everything you need to the campaign, you can preview it by clicking on the direct page link located under the title of the campaign:

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