How do I add/remove tags on a blog post?
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Thursday, August 27, 2015
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The main purpose of blog post tags are to categorize your blog posts. This is very useful for your readers, so that if they are only interested in one type of post, they can jump right to all your posts with that specific tag instead of having to scroll through blog posts they aren't interested in to get to the ones they are interested in. A tag can be a single word or a phrase.

An example would be a photographer that does maternity and newborn photography, and the photographer tags her newborn posts with "newborn photography" and her maternity posts with "maternity phography". If a viewer comes to the blog and has already had her baby and doesn't need maternity photography services, the viewer can click on the newborn photography tag and see all the newborn posts without having to skip past newborn posts.

Tags are added within each individual blog post. To start, click on add a tag toward the top of your blog post editor.


A lightbox window will appear. Enter your tags one at a time by typing it in and clicking the add tag button. Each tag should be entered individually.

To add multiple tags, type in a tag and click on add, then type in the next tag and click on add again. Repeat this until all the necessary tags are added, then click on save changes.

To delete a tag, click on the trash can icon next to to the tag.

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