How do I create a new contact?
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Wednesday, November 11, 2015
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Our contacts feature allows you to keep an organized list of the people who have interacted with your website. This includes contact form submissions, orders, saved carts, and blog comments. When clients or potential clients interact with your website in any of these ways, their email address and any other information they provide to you is all saved in your Contacts tab. 

If you'd like to add contacts that have not yet interacted with your site, you can do so anytime. Then, any interaction they have with your website in the future (as long as they use the same email address), all that information will be saved to that contact entry.

To create a new contact, click on the Contacts icon, then click on the contacts tab and click on the new contact button.

There are three sections to complete: General Info, Billing Info, and Notes. Technically, the only required information to create a contact is their email address.

First, complete the general information. This includes their name and email as well as contact information and the type of contact (customer, lead, or vendor).

Next, enter the billing info. You can also add a separate shipping address if needed. By default, the shipping info will be the same as the billing info.

Lastly, you can add notes to a contact if needed. This may be something like "Met at Bridal Show on 11/5/15. Wedding date is 5/15/16."

After you've entered the information you know about this contact, click on create contact.

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