How do I view my form submissions in a document format?
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Wednesday, July 06, 2016
By Photobiz Knowledge Base
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When using the form builder, you can access your form's submissions anytime in your PhotoBiz Control Panel. The form submission's format will appear something like what you see below:

You may want to view your form submission in a simpler format, more like its own document rather than viewing it in your control panel. You can view any form submission in Document View. To do so, follow the steps below.

First, click on your Form icon and then the submissions tab. 

From there, click on the form name that contains the submission you'd like to view. The name of the form in the example below is called "Email Sign Up".

After you click on the name of the form, click on the email address of the submission you'd like to view.

After you click on the form submission, click on the document view button toward the top of the page.

After you click on document view, a new tab will open with the document view of the submission.

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