How do I use the image clipboard tool?
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Tuesday, January 17, 2017
By PhotoBiz Knowledge Base
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The Image Clipboard is a great feature that allows you to use an image in multiple places in your PhotoBiz account. The image clipboard will allow you to upload an image to your account once, and then use that same image in multiple places on your account without having to re-upload it multiple times.

In order to use the clipboard, you will need to add images to your clipboard in order to inset them in other locations on your account. You may also need to remove images from your clipboard, as the clipboard can only hold 100 images at a time. The following article explains how to do this:


First, click on the icon for the product you wish to copy images from and navigate to the page where your images are located and select the tab labeled IMAGES

For any image that you wish to use multiple times, you can click and drag the image to the button for CLIPBOARD make a copy of the image.

After you drop the image on the CLIPBOARD button, you will see a confirmation message that your image has been copied.


To begin using the clipboard to insert copied images to another place in your PhotoBiz account, click on the icon of the product you need to insert images and navigate to the area of the control panel where you need to insert these images.

In the IMAGES area of the page, click on the CLIPBOARD button. 

From here, select the images you would like to use, by clicking the checkbox above the images, and then click the INSERT button. 

The images you selected will then appear on the page you are editing, and they will be marked with a clipboard icon (this icon looks like two pieces of paper) in the upper left corner of the box surrounding the image thumbnail. This is to notify you that this image is being used in multiple places on your account. 


When you are done transferring the images from one place to another in your account, you can delete those images from your image clipboard if needed, as your account's image clipboard can only hold up to 100 images at a time. 

To remove image(s) from the clipboard, simply click on the CLIPBOARD button and select the images you wish to remove from the clipboard by checking the checkboxes and then click on DELETE CHECKED

You will receive a message that will ask you to confirm your selection before the images are deleted. 

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