Email Marketing Business Tips and Recommendations
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Tuesday, January 26, 2016
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The PhotoBiz Marketing tool is a free tool that allows you to interact with your clients-- and see how effective you're being-- on a whole new level. Below are some tips and recommendations to help make sure you're using this tool to its fullest potential:

Encourage repeat business

Its a lot easier to keep repeat business than to attract new business. Having your existing customers in your contact list makes it super easy to send them an incentive (or just a friendly reminder of your services) using a well-timed email.

See more on emails to send to repeat customers here.

Tag your forms and contacts to create contact lists

Your campaigns will do the best when they are highly targeted. It can be difficult to craft one email campaign that would speak to all different kinds of customers in your contact list. To create targeted contacts automatically, use the tag feature in your custom forms so that contacts derived from that form will automatically be placed in the appropriate category(ies).

If you have some contacts that aren't tagged, you can always go back into your contacts list and add tags if needed. Click here for instructions.

Don't forget social media!

When you've created and sent an email campaign, consider sharing your campaign on social media. This is a great way to use something you've created once to serve multiple purposes. It will also get the word out to your followers who may not have interacted with your business as leads or customers yet.

Click here for instructions on sharing your campaign.

Use to drive traffic to your Store and Blog


Did you set up a new discount campaign or promo code in your Store? Did you publish a new Blog post? Tell your clients about it using an email campaign! Utilize this tool to drive traffic to your Store and Blog. 

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