How do I update a Payment Status for an order?
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Thursday, August 27, 2015
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If you have a client that pays you in person for an order on your Ecommerce, you will need to update the payment status for the order in your control panel. To do this, first mouse over tracking and click orders.

Use the search by parameters to find your order. Click on the order number to open the order details.

The payment status option will be at the top under the detail tab. You have the ability to update the status to the following:

  • Paid: When orders are processed and the merchant indicates to us that the payment went through we automatically set the order status to paid for you.
  • Pending: When orders are processed and payment has not been received (such as an offline payment option), or someone starts an order through PayPal and does not complete it the orders are marked as pending.
  • Refunded: You can also set an order to refunded, please note this does not send any information to your merchant to process a refund. This is a manual payment change you can make so that the order totals get removed from your sales reports.
  • Void: When an order has been voided for any reason.

You can also view orders from the customer level using the contacts control panel. Select a customer, click the Ecommerce tab and the orders report for the specific customer will load. You can again click on the order number to see specific details on that order and update the payment information.

Note: You must select save changes under the payment status in order to have the update reflect on the current order.

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