How do I modify a price list?
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Tuesday, September 22, 2015
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When setting up your ecommerce, you set pricing for each item as you create it. Your price list ties all of your pricing together to choose which items you want to sell, plus gives you the ability to assign different items for sale to particular events. This makes it easy for you to configure products and services designed to work with your events, as well as stand-alone. 

To begin mouse over sell online then click on price lists.

Select your price list by clicking on the name of the price list.

To customize your price list use the options found under each subhead to attach all, none, or a custom selection of items from each category of items to sell.

  • All. Makes every item within that particular category in your price list available for purchase.
  • None. Display none of the items in the category for purchase.
  • Custom. Choose which of the items in the category are for sale by selecting checkboxes for desired items.


Once you have gone through the sections of your price list and made your selections for what you would like to have available for purchase, scroll to the bottom of the page and click save changes

If the price list you are setting up is for a specific event, make sure to go back to the event and select the price list from the drop down menu and save the event. 

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