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Friday, September 18, 2015
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Campaigns are a great way to offer promotional sales on your ecommerce. Campaigns allow you to put your entire store, specific products, or a specific product or item on sale without your customer having to use a coupon code.

To begin mouse over payment in your ecommerce control panel and click campaigns.

Click new campaign.

Here you will be asked to enter the following:

Campaign Name: This is the internal name that will display within your control panel under the campaigns section.
Description: This is the internal description that will display within your control panel to help you manage multiple campaigns.
Discount Amount: This is the percentage discount for your sales campaign.
Begin Date: This allows you to set a date for your sales campaign to begin.
Expiration Date: This allows you to set an end date for your sales campaign.

Once you have configured these options, click choose items. Now you can choose what items the campaign will apply to.

Any Item: This option will apply your sales campaign to any item that is purchased through your Ecommerce.

Any Item in a Specific Category: This will apply your sales campaign to any prints, products, packages, services, or registrations that you offer within a specific category of your choice. If you would like to setup this type of campaign, simply select it, and then in turn, select the category of items that you would like to apply the campaign to. You can apply this type of campaign to as many different categories as you would like. Once you have selected your categories, click the create campaign button. 

Specific Items: This will allow you to apply your sales campaign to specific items. Select the item type, then select the category, and then select the specific item(s) your campaign will apply to. You can add as many different items to this campaign type as you wish. Once you have the specific items selected, click the create campaign button. 

You can continue to add items or remove as needed. When you have completed selecting your items, click create campaign to save your changes.

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