What are the PhotoBiz Mailbox MX Records and Email Server Settings?
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Monday, October 19, 2015
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PhotoBiz Mailbox MX Records

To use your PhotoBiz Mailbox service, your domain name DNS zone should have the following mx records:

Name/Host Value/Destination Type Priority TTL
Blank or @


MX 10 3600
Blank or @


MX 20 3600
autodiscover.yourdomain.com autodiscover.emailsrvr.com CNAME   3600


Email Server Settings

You can set up Mailbox accounts on several email clients. 

The following are the email server configuration settings that apply to the mailbox service:

Server Type Server Name Port
IMAP imap.emailsrvr.com 143
SMTP smtp.emailsrvr.com 25, 587, 8025, 2525
IMAP with SSL* secure.emailsrvr.com 993
SMTP with SSL* secure.emailsrvr.com 465
POP3 pop.emailsrvr.com 110
POP3 with SSL* secure.emailsrvr.com 995

* To use a secure connection (SSL), please be sure to select “SSL” on your device when setting up the account.

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