What is the friends + family tab?
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Wednesday, November 11, 2015
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The Family + Friends tab in your contacts allows you to link contacts to each other. To add a new family + friend, click on the Contacts icon and then the contacts tab. From there, select a contact and click on the Family + Friends tab. 

Click on new to add an entry. From here, enter the contact's family/friend's name, relationship, and contact information. You can also select to create this person as a new contact as well. This will automatically link the two contacts together.

After you've entered the information and clicked on create new, click on the Family + Friends tab again to see the list of entries to this tab.

In the example above, I added "Example Mother" as a new contact. Then, I navigated to the new contact I created and clicked on the Family + Friends tab, and you can see that the original contact (Ex Ample) is already linked to the new contact I created.

You can also have relationships created automatically by using the family and friends field type in your form builder.

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