What does it mean to filter contacts?
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Wednesday, November 11, 2015
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A great way to access a sub-section of your contacts is to use the filter tool. By default, there are three types of contacts you can have: lead, customer, and vendor. 

Anyone who completes a form will be saved as a lead and anyone who places an order will be saved as a customer. You can also change a customer or lead to a vendor by editing an existing contact or creating a new contact. 

The other portion of the filter tool is tags. Tags are created by you and attributed to contacts either manually or through tagging your forms.

To use the filter tool, first click on the Contacts icon and click on the contacts tab. From there, you'll see Filter By toward the right side of the page. Open the drop down list and select the category of contacts you'd like to see and your contact list will automatically update to only those contacts.

From there, you can export or print the contact list, or click on a contact to interact with them.

To learn how to add tags to use with your contacts, click here.

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