What are the different form fields I can use on my custom form?
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Thursday, July 21, 2016
By PhotoBiz Knowledge Base
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To begin click on the FORMS icon at the top of your control panel and and then choose FORM EDITOR. Click on your existing form or choose the option for NEW FORM to select the form template you wish to use.  You can choose which FORM TEMPLATE you want to use between the 3 different categories by clicking on the SELECT button on the form you wish to customize.  If you're looking to customize the look of your form, here's our tutorial on how to do that


Standard fields are form fields that collect general information, allow you to insert form titles, text, and also use the line break for formatting.

PRO TIP:  If you're using your form for SALES LEAD GENERATION or to capture SPECIFIC CUSTOMER CONTACT INFORMATION, you'll want to use the CONTACT FIELDS so that it the information is properly captured into your CONTACTS (customer database). 

Here's a breakdown on the STANDARD FIELDS, you can add them as you need by clicking on your field of choice and dragging it where you want it to appear on your form:  

TEXT BOX: This section allows you to have a small customizable text box for your client/lead to enter information. This works best when asking for a line of text from your client/lead such as "what is your contact preference?" or "how did you hear about us?"

TEXT AREA: This section is similar to the text box, but will allow your client/lead a larger area to input their text.This works best when asking for a message such as "tell me how you heard about us."

RADIO SELECT:  Allows your client/lead to choose one option, such as the type of session they're interest in. 

CHECKBOX:  Allows client/lead to select multiple options to answer a specific question (Example: Check All That Apply).

DROP DOWN MENU:  Allows your client/lead to select a single answer from whatever options you've created. 

DATE:  Allows your client/lead to enter a specific date. 

TIME:  Allows your client/lead to enter a specific time. 

FULL NAME:  Allows your client/lead to enter a First Name & Last Name (Use CONTACT FIELD FULL NAME to capture your client/lead's name). 

EMAIL:  Allows your client/lead to enter an Email Address (Use CONTACT FIELD EMAIL to capture your client/lead's email address). 

PHONE:  Allows your client/lead to enter a Phone Number (Use CONTACT FIELD PHONE to capture your client/lead's phone number.)

ADDRESS:  Allows your client/lead to enter an Address (Use CONTACT BILLING ADDRESS or MAILING ADDRESS to capture your client/lead's address). 

TITLE: This area will allow you to add a header before, or after any section on your form

TEXT: This area will allow you to incorporate your own text into your form. This works well if you wish to include written information in addition to any form field

EDITOR: This area is similar to text in that it will allow you to add custom text into your form. It will also give you the ability to format and customize your text with the built-in text editor.  You have the ability to add links, change text color and size as well as add html code.

LINE:  Allows you to create a line break in your form. 


Contact Fields allow you to properly capture and store your client/lead's contact information each time the form is submitted.  These fields will help you grow your client database and take advantage of the CLIENT RELATIONSHIP BUILDER (CRM) tools that are built into your PhotoBiz account.  Your contacts are stored in the CONTACTS icon, which can be found at the top of your Control Panel. 

The contact fields allow you to collect the following information from your clients in addition to the standard information fields:

FULL NAME:  Your client/lead's first and last name, this will create an entry into your CONTACTS when submitted.

EMAIL:  Your client/lead's email address

PHONE:  Your client/lead's phone number

BILLING ADDRESS:  Your client/lead's billing address, this is a great field to use in your contract as you can reference the contact and have all the fields pre-filled when sending out an invoice for payment

SHIPPING ADDRESS:  Your client/lead's shipping address

WORK PHONE:  Your client/lead's work/secondary phone number

BIRTHDAY: Your client/lead's birthday

COMPANY NAME: Your client/lead's company name, also a good field to use for a school/team name.

FACEBOOK: Your client/lead's Facebook profile URL

TWITTER: Your client/lead's Twitter profile URL

FAMILY & FRIENDS:  Allows you to create a REFERRAL PROGRAM FORM for re-marketing with your EMAIL MARKETING that is included with your PhotoBiz account.


These fields are powerful tools that allow you specific functions in the FORM BUILDER

FILE UPLOAD: Allow your client/leads to upload a file to be sent to you via your contact form. You can have up to five (5) file upload fields per form. Accepted file types are .jpg, .png, and .gif, and the maximum file size is 4MB. Files uploaded to your forms will be saved in your FILE LIBRARY & SUBMISSIONS for the form.  Files are also stored in the CLIENT/LEAD'S CONTACT under SUBMISSIONS that submitted the form so you can easily reference their headshot, resume, etc. that they submitted to you. 

PAYMENT: Allows you to configure your form to accept payments through it.  FULL ARTICLE ON FORM PAYMENTS This is great for setting up to take session fees or deposits from your clients as an alternative to using INVOICING.

RATING: Allows you to create a custom rating scale to allow your client to rate your selections, it's great for survey's and questionnaires. 

EMBED: Allows you to embed video into your form by adding the embed code from Youtube, Vimeo, or Animoto.

SIGNATURE:  Allows your client/lead's to digitally sign your form/contract.

You can edit any fields by clicking on the PENCIL ICON to the right of each field choice to make the field OPTIONAL or REQUIRED as well as access ADVANCED OPTIONS such as changing date and time format and adding conditions. 

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