Where do I edit my RSS settings?
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Thursday, August 27, 2015
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You can access and edit your RSS Feed settings from your blog control panel. Click on the settings tab, and then on RSS feed. 

There are various settings you can edit.

  • Your RSS Feed Link: The URL for your blog's RSS feed, based on the URL for your Blog.
  • Display RSS Button: Select whether you would like an RSS button to be display on your Blog or not.
  • Number of most recent posts to show: Select the number of most recent posts to show within the RSS feed for your Blog.
  • For each post, show: This section will allow you to select whether you would like to display a summary of the post, or the Full Text of the post on your RSS feed. The summary will display the first few sentences of your post.
  • Include comment count for each post: Select yes or no. 





Click on save changes to update your RSS feed settings.

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